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It is the mission of the Disability Law Center of David L. Horne, PLLC to help injured and disabled people obtain the compensation and benefits they deserve from all types of disability plans and injury claims. It is important to have a knowledgeable disability lawyer claim benefits and compensation from every source available.

With more than 35 years’ experience in injury and disability law, David L. Horne, attorney, of the Disability Law Center can help maximize your compensation and benefits.

Representing Injured and Disabled People

We Maximize Overlapping Benefits from All Claims

 Disability programs and plans, and claims for personal injury and worker’s compensation frequently overlap. If there is a claim for a work injury or personal injury, applying the regulations and law is very complex.

 Benefits paid under one type of plan, program or claim may be reduce benefits from another. We sort through all of your claims to maximize benefits and compensation from all available sources.

Examples of Benefits from More Than One Source

  • A city employee with a disability claim under the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) may also have a good claim for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI).
  • A city employee injured on the job who is permanently disabled from his work has a claim for worker's compensation, Virginia Retirement System (VRS) disability and Social Security disability (SSDI).
  • A person with a claim for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) may also be covered under a long-term disability plan (LTD) at work, and can make a claim under both.
  • A worker who is injured on his job will have a claim for worker's compensation, and if someone other than his employer caused his injury, a claim for personal injuries (PI) against a third-party. If disabled, then he may have a claim for Social Security disability (SSDI); and if he is protected by a long-term disability (LTD) plan, a claim can be made under that as well.
  • A veteran with Veterans Administration (VA) Disability benefits can also make a claim for Social Security disability (SSDI).

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